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мы возобновляем наш еженедельный образовательный подкаст Learn English with Lingvistov. в рамках этого подкасты мы будем говорить как об особенностях английского языка, так и периодически будем говорить о мотивации, ее отсутствии и других сложностях в нелегком деле освоения английского. присоединяйтесь!

В сегодняшнем выпуске мы поговорим о причинах отсутствия прогресса в изучении английского языка.

Так ли необходимо изучать грамматику или можно без нее обойтись?

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 68 добавлен 06.09.14 20:32

— Medical Section: We do not recommend conjunctivitis
— A penis collector arrested for keeping jars of dicks!
— A happy penis cave in Thailand
— Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?
— A penguin suit or a panda suit?
— A planet of koalas: It would be so nice
— A woman set a forest on fire to help bored fire-fighters!
— Now you can study Japanese with our native teachers

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 67 добавлен 03.09.14 18:39

— Good morning: Dead neighbors and police
— People who like cleaning and fishing: Pure satisfaction
— Quiet families and madhouses!
— Man burns down his house trying to catch a spider
— Jealousy towards pets: I love my dog more than you
— Japan’s most famous school girl is a man!
— A question of good taste and bad taste
— Do you care about what people say?
— The value of traditional families: Is there a point?
— Like us! ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 66 добавлен 13.07.14 19:15

— This is no summer! What’s wrong with the weather?!
— Lying to students: Do your research first
— Speaking and laughing in sleep: Dangerous!
— Lingvistov Goats ©: Waiting for Lingvistov Milk ©
— British registered vampires
— How did vampire myths started
— Nudefest 2014: even tan or call of nature?
— The beauty of the human body: Do artists care?
— Participate in our video contest and win prizes! ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 65 добавлен 08.07.14 19:58

— Lines in banks: Feeling of togetherness
— Russian men: I am sexy and I know it
— Why do old people become religious?
— Receiving an apology note from a burglar
— Knitting cute toys: A dog, a hedgehog or a rat?
— Men who knit: Who says they can’t or shouldn’t?
— An old woman fights with five peacocks in her house!
— A woman eats 26 burgers in 10 minutes
— Make a video answering the question «Why do you need English?» and win great prizes! More at: ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 64 добавлен 01.07.14 10:30

— Where the hell is the summer?! Is it really July now? It feels like October!
— Would we succeed as street artists?
— Talking dogs
— French boys faked his own kidnapping because he didn’t want to go to the dentist
— Never trust personal information to your hair-dresser!
— Pregnant women doing heavy lifting and running marathons: Why not?
— How to smuggle drugs: Useful tips
— A girl addicted to drinking gas

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 63 добавлен 23.06.14 07:59

— Landysh coming back from UFO
— No meat, no fun: Strange eating habits
— Laughter is the best medicine!
— The ugliest dogs contest in California
— «It was not a robber, it was just a ghost, ma’am»
— Bear who was a fan of baseball
— Zebra crossing a zebra crossing
— Small food on huge plates
— Asian food is for Asians
— Test your level of English! ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 62 добавлен 14.06.14 18:42

— No-laughter podcast: Landysh strained her chest muscles
— Our trip to Asia’s dacha: Great house, no people around and 6 viktorias
— Asian woman chewing glass
— Eating stones: How to quickly and efficiently gain 20 pounds
— Travel living: Would you like to live this way?
— What are your top destinations?
— Hungry men go for larger women
— Dacha gives you status



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