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LINGVISTOV Выпуск 6 добавлен 01.01.13 17:26

— Podcasts on cassettes, secretly recording your friends and writing for no audience
— Maipukite: how do you translate Landysh to other languages?
— Our darling Silvio: what members of his body are deep in sex scandals?
— Perfect boyfriend: an English-speaking smart and handsome gentleman with a diploma who cooks for himself
— Russian-style blind dates: packet of wine on the bench in the park
— Plotting to celebrate Christmas in Saudi Arabia
— Nerd news: British goverment is prepared for zombie invasion, a cognitive itch and misheard lyrics
— FINISH A STORY COMPETITION! Submit your entries!!!

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 5 добавлен 24.12.12 10:18

— Hardships of an office life: Asia’s broken after dancing all night... well, let’s face it — she’s not 18 any more!
— What are the best ways to end the world or the world has to end with a bang!
— Zombie kit based on practice and defibrillator toaster: We’re losing him! Nurse! Beep-beep-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...
— Mysterious Asya: not girlish, not modest, not calm
— Travelling in the USA: being Russian in America and how they are not so different from us
— Asia tour 2012: Laos people in nirvana and why people cry over asian food
— Esthetically pleasing palm trees, Asia’s tattoos and weakness for psychopaths

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 4 добавлен 17.12.12 22:05

— Freedom! Asya bids adieu to her boss and colleagues
— Lady Gaga: I am not a teenager but... and Landysh dreams about Gerard Butler
— A guide into the mind of a disturbed artist or a girl whose name rhymes only with «Пыдыщ»
— Monkeys on the stage: Why the world lost the greatest accordion player
— Let’s talk about art: Wallpapers make the best canvases
— Love is in the air: Why Landysh scares off all the men and where potential boyfriends hide
— Oscar Wilde on badly written books, chaotic lives and Landysh is getting really serious
— Listeners’ comments: «It doesn’t matter that no one listens to you. You guys are having fun!»
— Landysh leaving the States: henna tattoos and American bars

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 3 добавлен 05.12.12 10:55

— What’s for dinner? Aggressive vegetarians
— Immigration issue: Asia is barred from the US and has no propiska
— Let’s keep it romantic: spread my ashes over the ocean
— Personal god or please don’t be Krishnaidi
— Koren heartthrob: Step away, Beckhams, Goslings and Coopers! The sexiest man alive is in the premises
— Nerd news: parallel universes where women are more important than men
— Culturemaniacs: she used to be he or how Keira Knightley ruins films

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 2 добавлен 25.11.12 13:42

— Uncanny weather: the freaking winter is gonna get you
— A regular Friday for the rest of world that watched too much TV
— Airport security have a super power to see through your clothes and no touchy-touchy in our neighborhood
— Adopt a spire: another item to your list of ways to spectacularly waste your money
— Honesty is the best policy: a contestant for Miss Earth shows signs of rational thinking
— How to get attention of a lady: Sadam Husein with Dumbo in his underpants
— Nerd News: 24 personalities of Billy Milligan and why he never gets bored; simple ways to lobotomize your hyperactive child; our beloved psychopaths and schizophrenics

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 1 добавлен 20.11.12 15:45

Pilot episode of LINGVISTOV podcast



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