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LINGVISTOV Выпуск 55 добавлен 18.01.14 19:47

— Thailand Special! Asia’s Thai vacations
— All you need to know about Thailand: Tips and facts
— Tuk-tuk: Who’s there?
— Thai people and their King: Possible role model for Russia?
— Non-aggressive religion: Landysh is officially a Buddhist
— Do not touch Thai women! And check if it’s really a woman btw.
— Khun Asia and how Thai people greet each other with «why???»
— Don’t touch Thai people’s heads!
— Guide to Tsunami survival
— Thai monkey party: Lingvistov team is going!

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 54 добавлен 09.01.14 01:23

— Happy New Year 2014!
— The best of Russian cuisine: Salads with a lot of mayo
— Ridiculous Olympic Games 2014: How does Sochi take it?
— Buying presents for New Year: Landysh’s new awesome rucksack
— Santa Claus is a virgin
— Bibliotherapy: How to treat depression with the help of books
— Does your name determine your destiny?
— An army of hedgehogs: Kill all the slugs!
— The adventures of Lola and Asia «The Bloody Path to Satori» — Part II

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 53 добавлен 02.01.14 21:09

— Landysh overslept and Asia being upset with one of her students
— Asia’s secret admirer: How to attract girl’s attention
— Bad surprise: All the best males are already taken!
— Great business idea! How to make money if you live on the first floor
— Weird artworks that were actually sold
— New York souvenir: Your own piece of garbage
— What is real art and what is a fraud?
— Asia’s going on a vacation: The best of Egypt!

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 52 добавлен 30.12.13 20:03

— Landysh is all about discipline: Waking up later than usual
— Hi Diana! Hello! We know that you’re up!
— Addictions: There are no ex-addicts
— Knowing the difference: Appreciating the fact that you don’t smoke
— Food addiction: Eating food while watching the fly
— Building a house out of food
— Overreading a book and feeling bad about it
— Addiction to TV shows, books, social networks and addiction to nothing
— The Romans demand Brad and Angelina!
— Weird students: Demanding the teacher’s full attention

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 1 добавлен 28.11.13 08:55

— Vacations of Asia’s dreams: What can be more exciting than Egypt?
— What Asia’s name means and «Khorosho» in Arabic
— Sightseeing or creating your own sights
— Olonets: The city of the famous burnt bridge
— Gullible friends and neighbors with sense of humor
— A Letter from Fred — «Sweet Lorraine»: The story of true love
— Daniil smoking and using a type writer while listening to the story?
— The adventures of Lola and Asia «The Bloody Path to Satori» — Part I

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 50 добавлен 17.11.13 22:33

— Being sick in St.Petersburg: The meaning of true romance
— Favourite insect: Flies
— There ain’t no introduction again!
— Best season for work: Waste of temperature!
— Visiting your dentist too often and lack of romance
— Asia calms down her dentist: I’m fine! The pain will go!
— Wiggly roads in Scotland
— Cunning policemen in Tatarstan: Evil
— Hand signals: Giving a finger and blowing smoke in somebody’s face
— Visualization: Can we visualize everything?
— Our «Finish me Story» competition is finished! You can read all short stories on our website!

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 49 добавлен 14.11.13 09:38

— Sounding cheery: Teachers’ hypocrisy
— Storm in St.Petersburg: Flying banners, destroyed bus stops
— Curious men peeking into Landysh’s room
— Would you like to be in psychotherapy: Doctors or friends?
— Wonders of Tvorozheniki
— Panic: When do you lose control?
— Unfair! Peculiarities of driving exams in Russia
— Sochi Olympics and WTF is University Games???
— Kamaz: The best place to work!

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 48 добавлен 01.11.13 16:50

— A good excuse for not jogging
— Daniil is leaving for Finland — the country not that rich in beards
— Setting high expectations: In 20 years we will feel sad and ashamed...
— Pyramids, looters and how Russian intelligentsia will probably defend Hermitage
— Buying stolen artifacts and paintings: Perverts
— Reasons for admittance into a mental hospital in 1890s: Novel reading and bad whiskey
— Your favorite ice-cream flavour can say a lot about you
— What not to donate to a thrift shop
— Apple! Call us! We will dedicate the whole podcast to advertising your products, if you pay to us
— Get your own corpse wax: Instruction manual
— Getting over Lenin: It is time.

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 47 добавлен 26.10.13 21:25

— Nobel Prize week: There’s hope for all of us
— Why Lingvistov have to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
— Freezing oneself to be revived in future and hoping for the best
— Come to Chelny and we will freeze you just for 100$!
— What’s your sexy voice?
— Surrogate mothers: immoral or heroic?
— Will you marry a person twice old than you are? Pugacheva-Galkin dilemma
— Russian conservatism: Government only makes it worse
— Angelina Jolie brand: Lips and legs
— «Finish me Story Competition» still continues! Send your entries to: info@lingvistov.ru

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 46 добавлен 26.10.13 21:24

— St. Petersburg, common cold and sexy voices
— Asia and her Winona Ryder craze
— Losing and finding voice
— Teachers are rioting in Brazil! Can we do the same here in Russia?
— Russian teachers: dedicated losers
— Asia, you were heard: Every single voice counts
— Star Trek economics in Switzerland: A 3000$ check per month for everyone!
— Are there criminals in Switzerland?



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