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LINGVISTOV Выпуск 45 добавлен 18.10.13 14:32

— Winter mood: It’s really cold...
— Siri’s birthday: We are ready to provide our voices for Russian Siri
— Siri has a day off: Stop your egoistic requests!
— Moldable memory: We can never preserve the original memory
— What can you remember the best? Faces, names, number, smells...
— Marrying a Boston street
— How to clear the hard drive in your head? There’s not enough space!
— Listeners’ questions: If you could learn one random skill what would it be?
— British and Russian superstitions: Zastolye and hitting men with boots

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 44 добавлен 15.10.13 19:52

— No milk for my coffee: Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts
— It tastes good! But if you eat it everyday...
— Landysh lives in dread of winter
— Tablets for your child: What are they really good for?
— Should we teach children typing before handwriting?
— How often do you actually write?
— Digital art and traditional art: Are they of the same value?
— Surprise!!! McDonalds plans to give your child a life lesson
— Childhood disappointments and our Kinder Surprise craze

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 43 добавлен 09.10.13 16:09

— Tanzania lake that could turn you into stone
— Your favorite abandoned places and heads of dolls on the bottom of the ocean
— Listening to audio recordings of mentally-ill people on a regular basis
— Lobotomy: sounds like fun!
— Getting in and out of psychiatric hospital: How many of us are actually mentally healthy?
— Do not annoy your neighbors: Crazy people
— Pennywise in England: Who actually likes clowns?
— Adopting a child from other country: Does ethnicity matter?
— Ivan the result of Moscow Olympic Games
— Racism in Russia: Mikhail Zadornov on drugs
— Octonber 3rd 8pm MSK — Lingvistov Webinar on English. For participation write to: info@lingvistov.ru.

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 42 добавлен 05.10.13 16:24

— A sleeping man in Daniil’s room...
— Landysh is a hamster! Winter is coming, brace yourselves
— Pussy Riot: What was the purpose?
— Prison conditions in Russia: Damn, we have no experience...
— Love Story: Putin and the majority of Russian population
— National Poetry Day in England and Lingvistov Prose Day!
— Fighting bad manners with poetry
— Subway? Metropolitan? Underground?
— Questions from our listeners! Send them in to info@lingvistov.ru
— Seductive mice and the thrill of the chase
— Men nipples: What the hell?! Why do they have nipples?!
— October 10th, 8pm MSK — free Lingvistov Webinar! Join us, email at info@lingvistov.ru
— «Finish me Story» competition — Episode 2: ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 41 добавлен 27.09.13 18:49

— Multitasking: Asia is doing exercises while podcasting
— Snow in Moscow: The sooner it begins, the sooner it ends
— Good old days: Even terrorists are not when they used to be...
— Terrorist attacks in Kenya: No Russians are harmed, phew!
— Beware of the enemy! Greenpeace or pirates?
— Banned books week: are there any books that have to be banned?
— Caught abusing drugs at least once? You’re screwed.
— What’s the point of prisons? Discrimination against criminals
— What kind of crime could you commit?
— Animal prints are not permitted in the British zoo
— A frog flies with NASA rocket! And how the French hunt down frogs
— Stalking rats: Lead me to the Wonderland!

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 40 добавлен 27.09.13 18:45

«Jezzy» is a short story written by Daniil Yakovenko. It tells about a student whose daring fantasies seemed to turn into reality but in truth turned into a nightmare.

The text is read by Akhmetzyanova Landysh ©
Illustrations by Akhmetzyanova Landysh ©

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 40 добавлен 23.09.13 19:59

— Conscience is the engine of progress
— Weird weather in St. Petersburg: no rain, sunshine and comfortable temperatures
— Bass or base: another one of special Landyshisms
— Daniil at the rock concert: push, pull and throw!
— Sleeping in a train station: Survival guide in major cities
— We are making a short film! Next year...
— Mongolian shamans in Northern China: Have you been to a fortuneteller?
— A parrot that can predict your future: One reason to go to Kazan
— Gypsies: they can steal your soul if you look them in the eye...
— Do you believe in destiny?
— Past, present and future walked into a bar...
— Will your dog notice if you are replaced by a robot?
— Asia ruins all that we believed in: The mystery of Hatiko
— We are launching a series of webinars for professionals about English! Write to us to join in: info@lingvistov.ru

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 39 добавлен 13.09.13 13:59

— Landysh is ill and Asia has a brand new small dog in her house
— Why old people talk about their illnesses
— Why we mimic speech of the people we talk to
— Synesthesia: who the hell invented this word?!!
— Hearing music while cutting bread: pleasant or tiring?
— Depression: merits and drawbacks
— Psychology: how weird are you?
— What you have to do to provoke Landysh
— Dictators: Kim Jong-Un has a baby! Awwwwww!
— American woman shoves her husband off a cliff: He deserved it
— Finally! Landysh will save our planet! She has superpowers!
— The Case of the Lost Sausage — Part IV the last one: Read the whole story and check out the illustrations: ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 38 добавлен 10.09.13 18:57

— Growing food inside your belly: Just plant some seeds!
— Professor Yakovenko: Daniil is going to teach English at university
— Possible war in Syria: No invading, just a bit of bombing
— Sex with robots: will you want to have a robot boyfriend/girlfriend?
— Marriages with robots, bridges or the Berlin Wall and dating dogs
— Gay parades in St.Petersburg: They are so lovable!
— Courting: Is it necessary for men in a relationship?
— Guest workers in Russia: Is there really a problem?
— Mexicans in the USA: They are a friendly, partying and hard-working nation!
— Racism in America and Russia
— The Case of the Lost Sausage — Part V

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 37 добавлен 29.08.13 17:47

— Who’s knocking on your door? Aliens or the government?
— Would you like to sell your reputation?
— Your golden years will pass: We are being optimistical
— Landysh’s birthday: Interview with her this week
— How many dresses Landysh has and how wonderful it is to wake up to the sounds of crows
— Talking pets: giving out where you hide your money
— Squirrels: how do you pronounce it?
— Weird people you meet on trains
— Driving trams, motorcycles and partying in a personal plane
— Petrozavodsk — St.Petersburg — Naberezhnye Chelny non-stop train
— Which person would you like to meet? Dead or alive
— Past and future: enhancing your body
— English club live in St. Petersburg! 2pm MSK in «Ukrop», come and see us



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