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LINGVISTOV Выпуск 16 добавлен 14.03.13 10:45

— Want to make a girl happy? Send her packets of buckwheat via Russian Post
— What do you do while standing in a line? listening to audiobooks, observing people and reading
— Got an ugly wife or children? Now you can sue them and win hundred thousands of dollars!
— Daniil’s and Asia’s kind parents: well... you are ok... but you are not the most beautiful person
— Go against the system! Grow a beard and never cut your hair!
— Cloning pets: expensive and unnatural
— George W. Bush is a painter of dogs and seminude self-portraits. What’s his problem? Dogs?!
— Bored housewives in painting classes and «Eat, prey, love»
— Falkland Islands and Argetinian spies: Go British!
— 2-D and 3-D animated films: a source of confusion
— Ratatouille: Rats are adorable!
— North Korea is going to bring down the apocalypce and engulf us in the sea of fire!
— Part 2 of «Adventures of Kim Jong-un, the Brilliant Comrade»
— Don’t forget to visit our website ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 15 добавлен 06.03.13 18:40

— Morning or mourning? and how many hours do you sleep?
— Challenge in Berlin: developing strategy to get Eddie Izzard’s attention with an apron
— Homeless people now, lavish entertainment centre later — house demolition problem of Lagos, Nigeria
— Titanic II: ultimate conspiracy theory
— Sending a couple to Mars: 501 days in a confined space with your husband/wife
— Brogurt: Find your inner abs
— Overly optimistic book titles: You can find Uranium!
— Oscars 2013: genius Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Lawrence and poor Leo DiCaprio
— 13th ammendment: You missed your chance to legally have slaves in the state of Mississipi!
— SPECIAL! Part I of Adventures of Kim Jong-un, the Brilliant Comrade
— Car design: art or just another way for the rich to spend their money
— Don’t forget to write to us: info@lingvistov.ru

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 14 добавлен 25.02.13 14:33

— How you can ruin your pet’s self-esteem with a haircut
— Asya’s new passion: TV series about women in prison, weird English accents and Landysh’s love for anything Scottish
— The saddest map of America: where do Americans spy love? Walmart and buses, yay!
— Where do you meet people? The Internet, nightclubs, cafes and speed dates
— A final tweet from Pope Benedict XVI and an iPhone app from the Catholic church
— Apple smart watch concept and what happens when Landysh loses ability to read properly
— Why girls like wearing men’s watches: cool and useful!
— Esquire’s list of 75 things a man must do — we’re puzzled...
— Shoplifting: Asya’s confession. Don’t make her mistakes! Play cool.
— Yandex Maps destroys marriages: jealous women and why honesty is the best policy
— New features on our website: books, audiobooks, blog and doodles ссылка

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 13 добавлен 18.02.13 17:18

— Dynamic duo turned into Terrific trio! Daniil joins us this week for the lucky 13
— Romantics of the Russian Railroads: hundred reasons for you not to be able to fall asleep in your compartment
— Landysh in Ekaterinburg and people leading a cat’s life
— How to move into an apartment without your landlady finding out that you have a dog
— Meteorite in Chelyabinsk: flash of the UFO camera and how America tells Asia what’s going on in her own country
— St. Valentine’s special: we believe Pistorius is innocent!
— Freedom! Scotland has to be independent and Asia carrying a no-visa burden
— «Sixth sense» and superpowers: what superpowers would you like to have?
— Sliders and Asia as the T-Woman who will save the Earth
— Pope resigns: we will remember him for his Prada shoes and a great sense of style
— Find out why we have Daniil in our team

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 12 добавлен 09.02.13 09:28

— A bright young thing: writer Daniil Yakovenko (read his work on: ссылка
— Olonets and Petrozavodsk: living in a real castle!
— Dormitories: parties, food and learning to fall asleep in any circumstances
— Fun facts about Karelia: Ded Moroz games, weird monuments, American spies and the Karelian language
— Landysh in Karelia: kayaking and freezing in the forest in August.
— Love of reading and writing: Stephen King and first short stories
— Inspiration: you have to earn it
— The English language: passion for translation
— Paris — the white city, eating frog legs and snails
— After college what are you going to do? — Write.

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 11 добавлен 04.02.13 21:09

— Asia is in Chelny! Unbelievable! It’s a family reunion!
— A Russian family lived in taiga not knowing about World War II
— Living in isolation: are people that annoying?
— Raw eaters: do not torture your children, they deserve to have a choice
— The mole people: society that lives under your feet
— Crazy women with cats and why Landysh walks with four bottles of water everyday during summer
— Helping homeless people: a real business and who actually gets the money you give in the end
— Street artists: Asia is going to pimp Landysh on the streets of St.Petersburg
— Foodalicios: supermodels eating sandwiches on the tropical beach
— This is love: eating a sandwich in front of your partner
— Late-night eaters: when do you usually eat and why are people on diets always hungry?

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 10 добавлен 28.01.13 11:11

— From St.Petersburg to Naberezhnye Chelny in winter on a bad car with two dogs: in short, Asia is insane
— Renting an apartment alone: independance, living on kasha and gardening
— The dilemma of a bathroom: a shower or a bath?
— Experiencing «kommunalnaya kvartira», i.e. a shared apartment, and what makes a good roommate
— Once again Germans and beer and our prejudice against beer
— Smoking special: the problem of giving up, a 2-year-old chain smoker and the effects of weed
— Smokers in elevators — we don’t understand you! Show some respect
— Art stuff: modern art and how Rembrandt tried to hide a bad work under a coat of paint
— FINISH ME STORY COMPETITION continues! Submit your entries and write to us to info@lingvistov.com

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 9 добавлен 21.01.13 21:14

— Germany-themed Lingvistov podcast — a real 100% proven German chef with us
— Fun facts about meine hübsche Angela Merkel
— «Ich bin ein Hamburger!» Fun facts and Germany: beer, beer and beer again, German sausages, bread, crazy dialects and autobahns
— Matthias Trüschel, the chef and the traveller, talks about his adventures
— Nothing where you get too dirty, nothing where you have to wear a tie: why chef?
— Russian cuisine: cabbage, potatoes, dill and the mystery of okroshka
— Learning Russian the hard way: да, нет, спасибо, пиво!
— Propaganda, Berliner Mauer and modern stereotypes about Russians
— Guilt and responsibility: World War II, reputation of Germany in Russia
— The remarkable life of Matthias Trüschel: a fire fighter and a film star

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 8 добавлен 15.01.13 12:03

— Supernatural: how the X files and the Nightmare on Elm Street can make you hear things and a doppelganger mystery
— New Year tree dilemma: should I undress it or leave it till spring?
— Hugo Chávez: martyr and boring stuff about his legacy
— Snakes on the plane: what would be your face expression if you saw a snake outside the airplane window
— Beware of accidents: high chances of your colleague shooting a nail into your heart and bad puns
— Classic California: Mr. Teeth guarding marijuana and exotic pet animals
— What’s up with the asteroids?! I wanna hear Aerosmith while Bruce Willis rescues me! And cameo appearance of Lola the Dog.
— Numerology: meanings of numbers that can cost you your life

LINGVISTOV Выпуск 7 добавлен 08.01.13 00:01

— French special: forget Paris and Moscow, this is Naberezhnye Chelny, baby!
— French news: a disciplined 73-year-old stuck in the supermarket, Russian Depardieu and how Brigitte Bardot can become one of us
— French fiscal paradises: 13% or 75%? And why Hollande lacks an Italian wife
— A very French Florian in Russia: fleeing October Revolution, Russian «intelligentsia» and Lobachevskiy
— The charm of the Russian province, hidden machine guns and why banyas can finish a foreigner
— Lazy Russian men: how Asia and Landysh are planning to organize the Liberation de la Femme movement
— Lingvistov competition: finish the story and get fantastic prizes from us!!!



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