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Выпуск 58 добавлен 18.05.14 18:53

— I am good or I am well?
— Landysh is learning Chinese: There is no logic in this language!
— Chinese curse words: Your sister!
— Landysh’s trip to France and Italy
— Paris catacombs: Pretty, what else to say?
— Do the French eat frogs on a regular basis?
— Italy: the land of food, slow waiters and too many churches
— Communicating and eating in China
— What’s the point of learning many languages when you can use only English?

Выпуск 57 добавлен 18.05.14 18:52

— Mimicking your English teacher: Hi, how are you?
— Viktor Ahn: What would you do?
— Why do figure skaters get up very quickly when they fall?
— Keeping a Christmas tree up because of a bird nest
— Drunk birds: We’ve got a nest of hungry children! And you’ve been drinking!
— A ghost ship full of cannibal rats
— Getting over your fears
— Why it is hard to imagine Chelny near the Mediterranean
— A pet parrot is a license to grow cannabis
— Legalizing marihuana: The USA must have a point

Выпуск 56 добавлен 18.02.14 17:03

— LINGVISTOV.RU conquers the world with China
— Read my neck! Landysh started learning Chinese
— Opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympic Games 2014: Did you like it?
— TATU?! Really?!
— Amazing side of the Olympic Games: Sportsmen and their achievements
— The incomprehensible game ever: The history of curling
— New game of butt’n’ball: Grow your butts to win!
— No North Koreans at the Olympic Games but there are some in space!
— It’s good to be developed

Выпуск 55 добавлен 18.01.14 19:47

— Thailand Special! Asia’s Thai vacations
— All you need to know about Thailand: Tips and facts
— Tuk-tuk: Who’s there?
— Thai people and their King: Possible role model for Russia?
— Non-aggressive religion: Landysh is officially a Buddhist
— Do not touch Thai women! And check if it’s really a woman btw.
— Khun Asia and how Thai people greet each other with «why???»
— Don’t touch Thai people’s heads!
— Guide to Tsunami survival
— Thai monkey party: Lingvistov team is going!

Выпуск 54 добавлен 09.01.14 01:23

— Happy New Year 2014!
— The best of Russian cuisine: Salads with a lot of mayo
— Ridiculous Olympic Games 2014: How does Sochi take it?
— Buying presents for New Year: Landysh’s new awesome rucksack
— Santa Claus is a virgin
— Bibliotherapy: How to treat depression with the help of books
— Does your name determine your destiny?
— An army of hedgehogs: Kill all the slugs!
— The adventures of Lola and Asia «The Bloody Path to Satori» — Part II

Выпуск 53 добавлен 02.01.14 21:09

— Landysh overslept and Asia being upset with one of her students
— Asia’s secret admirer: How to attract girl’s attention
— Bad surprise: All the best males are already taken!
— Great business idea! How to make money if you live on the first floor
— Weird artworks that were actually sold
— New York souvenir: Your own piece of garbage
— What is real art and what is a fraud?
— Asia’s going on a vacation: The best of Egypt!

Выпуск 52 добавлен 30.12.13 20:03

— Landysh is all about discipline: Waking up later than usual
— Hi Diana! Hello! We know that you’re up!
— Addictions: There are no ex-addicts
— Knowing the difference: Appreciating the fact that you don’t smoke
— Food addiction: Eating food while watching the fly
— Building a house out of food
— Overreading a book and feeling bad about it
— Addiction to TV shows, books, social networks and addiction to nothing
— The Romans demand Brad and Angelina!
— Weird students: Demanding the teacher’s full attention

Выпуск 1 добавлен 28.11.13 08:55

— Vacations of Asia’s dreams: What can be more exciting than Egypt?
— What Asia’s name means and «Khorosho» in Arabic
— Sightseeing or creating your own sights
— Olonets: The city of the famous burnt bridge
— Gullible friends and neighbors with sense of humor
— A Letter from Fred — «Sweet Lorraine»: The story of true love
— Daniil smoking and using a type writer while listening to the story?
— The adventures of Lola and Asia «The Bloody Path to Satori» — Part I

Выпуск 50 добавлен 17.11.13 22:33

— Being sick in St.Petersburg: The meaning of true romance
— Favourite insect: Flies
— There ain’t no introduction again!
— Best season for work: Waste of temperature!
— Visiting your dentist too often and lack of romance
— Asia calms down her dentist: I’m fine! The pain will go!
— Wiggly roads in Scotland
— Cunning policemen in Tatarstan: Evil
— Hand signals: Giving a finger and blowing smoke in somebody’s face
— Visualization: Can we visualize everything?
— Our «Finish me Story» competition is finished! You can read all short stories on our website!

Выпуск 49 добавлен 14.11.13 09:38

— Sounding cheery: Teachers’ hypocrisy
— Storm in St.Petersburg: Flying banners, destroyed bus stops
— Curious men peeking into Landysh’s room
— Would you like to be in psychotherapy: Doctors or friends?
— Wonders of Tvorozheniki
— Panic: When do you lose control?
— Unfair! Peculiarities of driving exams in Russia
— Sochi Olympics and WTF is University Games???
— Kamaz: The best place to work!


Подкаст на английском языке LINGVISTOV - это еженедельные беседы Аси и Ландыш. Мы обсуждаем нелепые новости, серьезные насущные проблемы, все самое интересное, что происходит в мире и в нашей жизни, и получаем от этого огромное удовольствие. Если вам хочется послушать что-то легкое, веселое и задорное, то наш юмористический подкаст - как раз то, что вам нужно! (Pre-Intermediate и выше)

LINGVISTOV is a weekly comedy podcast in English featuring Asia and Landysh. We tackle some serious issues, discuss weird and funny news happening all over our beautiful planet, as well as speak about our own lives. If you want to listen to something funny, informative and interesting, you are in for a treat! (Pre-Intermediate and higher)

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