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— Berlin is waiting for Landysh! Souvenirs, flags on Reichstag and Landysh as a special correspondent from Germany
— Rebels in Central African Republic: dictatorships and similarities with Russia
— Operation Acoustic Kitty: Sadist soviet spies, untrainable cats and pets who see ghosts
— Fat arrogant despicable Russian parliamentarians and Putin with his Kalina
— Image of wealthy people: stealing becomes a virtue in Russia
— Zombie Survival Classes: we are sending Daniil to Oregon! He makes a great zombie
— Best weapons against zombies: a bat, an axe and a shovel!
— Placebo effect: Placebo music, fake magical pills and gipsies
— Part 4 of the Adventures of Kim Jong-un, the Brilliant Comrade
— Dear listeners! write to us: and tell us where you listen to our podcast

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«Last Frontier» is a short story written by Daniil Yakovenko. Its first part speaks about young Roger Steelson who meets a friendly stranger in a bar. This stranger has a funny accent and definitely a story to tell.
Enjoy Part I of the short story brought to you by LINGVISTOV.

Author of the story — Daniil Yakovenko ©
The text is read by Akhmetzyanova Landysh ©
Illustrations by Akhmetzyanova Landysh ©

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— Night and morning people: the romance of sitting alone in complete darkness
— Potential war! China and Japan: all the bets are on
— Chinese Eugenics: let’s breed billion genius babies!
— No more swearing on Russian Television: can the government actually control it?
— How TV creates a homelike atmosphere and foreigners swearing in Russian
— Survival programming: men judge women in milliseconds and why appearances matter
— Life on a moon of a planet: beautiful view and a possible plot for a book
— Overoptimistic Asia, Daniil and Landysh: Lingvistov Inc. and Maldives are our first destination
— Corn turns you into a vampire with diarrhea
— Part 3 of Adventure of Kim Jong-Un, the Brilliant Comrade
— Incredible facts about Kim Jong-Il: invention of hamburger, socialist Godzilla film and giant rabbits
— We are magicians! Message from one of our «Finish me Story» competition participants.
— New LINGVISTOV Podcast feature: our own audiobooks! Check the illustrations: ссылка

Выпуск 16 добавлен 14.03.13 10:45

— Want to make a girl happy? Send her packets of buckwheat via Russian Post
— What do you do while standing in a line? listening to audiobooks, observing people and reading
— Got an ugly wife or children? Now you can sue them and win hundred thousands of dollars!
— Daniil’s and Asia’s kind parents: well... you are ok... but you are not the most beautiful person
— Go against the system! Grow a beard and never cut your hair!
— Cloning pets: expensive and unnatural
— George W. Bush is a painter of dogs and seminude self-portraits. What’s his problem? Dogs?!
— Bored housewives in painting classes and «Eat, prey, love»
— Falkland Islands and Argetinian spies: Go British!
— 2-D and 3-D animated films: a source of confusion
— Ratatouille: Rats are adorable!
— North Korea is going to bring down the apocalypce and engulf us in the sea of fire!
— Part 2 of «Adventures of Kim Jong-un, the Brilliant Comrade»
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Выпуск 15 добавлен 06.03.13 18:40

— Morning or mourning? and how many hours do you sleep?
— Challenge in Berlin: developing strategy to get Eddie Izzard’s attention with an apron
— Homeless people now, lavish entertainment centre later — house demolition problem of Lagos, Nigeria
— Titanic II: ultimate conspiracy theory
— Sending a couple to Mars: 501 days in a confined space with your husband/wife
— Brogurt: Find your inner abs
— Overly optimistic book titles: You can find Uranium!
— Oscars 2013: genius Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Lawrence and poor Leo DiCaprio
— 13th ammendment: You missed your chance to legally have slaves in the state of Mississipi!
— SPECIAL! Part I of Adventures of Kim Jong-un, the Brilliant Comrade
— Car design: art or just another way for the rich to spend their money
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Выпуск 14 добавлен 25.02.13 14:33

— How you can ruin your pet’s self-esteem with a haircut
— Asya’s new passion: TV series about women in prison, weird English accents and Landysh’s love for anything Scottish
— The saddest map of America: where do Americans spy love? Walmart and buses, yay!
— Where do you meet people? The Internet, nightclubs, cafes and speed dates
— A final tweet from Pope Benedict XVI and an iPhone app from the Catholic church
— Apple smart watch concept and what happens when Landysh loses ability to read properly
— Why girls like wearing men’s watches: cool and useful!
— Esquire’s list of 75 things a man must do — we’re puzzled...
— Shoplifting: Asya’s confession. Don’t make her mistakes! Play cool.
— Yandex Maps destroys marriages: jealous women and why honesty is the best policy
— New features on our website: books, audiobooks, blog and doodles ссылка

Выпуск 13 добавлен 18.02.13 17:18

— Dynamic duo turned into Terrific trio! Daniil joins us this week for the lucky 13
— Romantics of the Russian Railroads: hundred reasons for you not to be able to fall asleep in your compartment
— Landysh in Ekaterinburg and people leading a cat’s life
— How to move into an apartment without your landlady finding out that you have a dog
— Meteorite in Chelyabinsk: flash of the UFO camera and how America tells Asia what’s going on in her own country
— St. Valentine’s special: we believe Pistorius is innocent!
— Freedom! Scotland has to be independent and Asia carrying a no-visa burden
— «Sixth sense» and superpowers: what superpowers would you like to have?
— Sliders and Asia as the T-Woman who will save the Earth
— Pope resigns: we will remember him for his Prada shoes and a great sense of style
— Find out why we have Daniil in our team

Выпуск 12 добавлен 09.02.13 09:28

— A bright young thing: writer Daniil Yakovenko (read his work on: ссылка
— Olonets and Petrozavodsk: living in a real castle!
— Dormitories: parties, food and learning to fall asleep in any circumstances
— Fun facts about Karelia: Ded Moroz games, weird monuments, American spies and the Karelian language
— Landysh in Karelia: kayaking and freezing in the forest in August.
— Love of reading and writing: Stephen King and first short stories
— Inspiration: you have to earn it
— The English language: passion for translation
— Paris — the white city, eating frog legs and snails
— After college what are you going to do? — Write.

Выпуск 11 добавлен 04.02.13 21:09

— Asia is in Chelny! Unbelievable! It’s a family reunion!
— A Russian family lived in taiga not knowing about World War II
— Living in isolation: are people that annoying?
— Raw eaters: do not torture your children, they deserve to have a choice
— The mole people: society that lives under your feet
— Crazy women with cats and why Landysh walks with four bottles of water everyday during summer
— Helping homeless people: a real business and who actually gets the money you give in the end
— Street artists: Asia is going to pimp Landysh on the streets of St.Petersburg
— Foodalicios: supermodels eating sandwiches on the tropical beach
— This is love: eating a sandwich in front of your partner
— Late-night eaters: when do you usually eat and why are people on diets always hungry?

Выпуск 10 добавлен 28.01.13 11:11

— From St.Petersburg to Naberezhnye Chelny in winter on a bad car with two dogs: in short, Asia is insane
— Renting an apartment alone: independance, living on kasha and gardening
— The dilemma of a bathroom: a shower or a bath?
— Experiencing «kommunalnaya kvartira», i.e. a shared apartment, and what makes a good roommate
— Once again Germans and beer and our prejudice against beer
— Smoking special: the problem of giving up, a 2-year-old chain smoker and the effects of weed
— Smokers in elevators — we don’t understand you! Show some respect
— Art stuff: modern art and how Rembrandt tried to hide a bad work under a coat of paint
— FINISH ME STORY COMPETITION continues! Submit your entries and write to us to


Подкаст на английском языке LINGVISTOV - это еженедельные беседы Аси и Ландыш. Мы обсуждаем нелепые новости, серьезные насущные проблемы, все самое интересное, что происходит в мире и в нашей жизни, и получаем от этого огромное удовольствие. Если вам хочется послушать что-то легкое, веселое и задорное, то наш юмористический подкаст - как раз то, что вам нужно! (Pre-Intermediate и выше)

LINGVISTOV is a weekly comedy podcast in English featuring Asia and Landysh. We tackle some serious issues, discuss weird and funny news happening all over our beautiful planet, as well as speak about our own lives. If you want to listen to something funny, informative and interesting, you are in for a treat! (Pre-Intermediate and higher)

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