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The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett is a book written to promote what Pratchett terms the ’Real Cat’, a cat who urinates in the flowerbeds, rips up the furniture, and eats frogs, mice and sundry other small animals. The opposite of the Real Cat is the ’Fizzy Keg Cat’, a well-behaved and bland kind, as seen on cat food advertisements.

Enjoy this audiobook brought to you by LINGVISTOV.

Author of the story — Terry Pratchett © We do not own the rights to this book.
The text is read by Akhmetzyanova Landysh ©
Illustrations by Akhmetzyanova Landysh ©

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— Achtung! We keep on hearing voices!!!
— Conspiracy theory: Daniil is driving us crazy with radio or television...
— St.Petersburg weather update: it’s like October — the summer is over
— Check out «The Adventures of a Bearded Man» with our wonderful illustrations: ссылка
— No-serious-news podcast this week!
— Vampire graves: whose head is it between your legs?!
— What makes a vampire a vampire? And hitting a vampire with wooden sticks!
— Drunken vampires and other efficient ways to get rid of vampires
— Life too exciting? Watch entire train journeys in YouTube!
— The age of small attention spans: the opponents of short video creators
— The beauty of Russian railway: a lot of not normal Russians, vodka, and dirty socks
— Two people having the same hallucination: Should we start worrying about our mental health?
— Thank you voices!

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— In Finland, you’d better have a cell phone if nature calls: Use SMS to unlock public toilets
— Cause for celebration: Asia is 100% ours!
— It’s always good to have something to procrastinate on
— Have you missed North Korea? And how is it possible to hide two planes on a cargo ship?
— Mass hallucinations: Landysh and Asia are hearing voices! Can you hear them as well?
— Getting stuck on a tree while riding a balloon powered lawn-chair
— City tour in a bed: or is it just another strategy to increase population?
— What aliens might look like: jellyfish, cockroaches, or just like us?
— Raining glass: Get a metal umbrella now!
— If we looked like reptiles: I met that guy, he had such a fantastic tail!
— Extraterrestrial and local cockroaches: social structures and parallel universes
— Global warming: See level rise and future storms in the 22 century
— Let’s blame America! Poor donkeys with backache and in need of therapy
— Beardology: Fear the Beard! And how can a woman grow a beard
— The Adventures of a Bearded Man in a Beardless World, Part 5 and Epilogue

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— This week’s special! Landysh’s contagious laughter
— Asia is back in Saint-Petersburg and Russia is spending too much money on sporting events
— Check out Asia’s and Landysh’s interviews on our website and don’t forget to comment them! ссылка
— Surprise for Asia: Spontaneous introduction and Landysh being a torturer today
— Massacre in Egypt: Soldiers shooting at demonstrators
— Russian army: what would happen if no country in the world had an army and nuclear weapons
— Asia wants to go to the army: our very own future G.I. Jane
— Kremlin buys typewriters: a question of security or do they just like the sound of keys?
— Typing or writing by hand: vegetarians, insecterians and hydroponiacs
— Beardology: A beard-second or how fast does a beard grow?
— The Adventures of a Bearded Man in a Beardless World, Part 4
— Please write to us at!

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— What makes Landysh happy: the company of Daniil and Asia and a good hookah
— Visiting a proper bar: smelly bearded men and bear... or green tea for Landysh?
— Gay and straight cats: I don’t care for them as long as they do not get married
— Daniil’s future in reconnaissance and his topshelf poem about the Financial Service
— Snowden case: what is the price of freedom and security? or let’s talk about acts of chair
— Zombies in the animal world: popping eyes of a ladybug
— Zombies vs. Vampires: dead or still alive? and why are world is freaked out by infections
— Let’s build an artificial whale and swim in the ocean!
— Asia’s trip to Chelny: she and Lola enjoying the book and air-conditioning on the backseat
— Beardology: Fidel Castro’s magical beard
— The Adventures of a Bearded Man in a Beardless World, Part 3
— Don’t forget to visit our website ссылка The best language learning website ever!

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— News Alert! Daniil shaved off his beard!
— Asia’s future adventure: from St. Petersburg to Chelny by car
— Landysh going hard core with her diet and turning into a plant
— Protests in Brazil and Turkey: the standing man protesting and too «high» bus fares
— Differences in mentality and our high limits of tolerance: soon we’ll have the second October revolution!
— Cold and heat determine the political regime in your country
— Yes, we cat! Morris the Cat, a perfect candidate for mayor
— Daniil the Catter: Your guide to interaction with cats
— Asia and Lolita: talking to your dog about philosophical aspects of life
— Algae as an alternative energy source: not only renewable, but endless, as well as beautiful
— Beardology: Get paid for your beard! And catvertising
— The Adventures of a Bearded Man in a Beardless World, Part 2
— Philosophy behind the third knee: let’s all go bald!
— «Dear Listeners!» is our new catch phrase!
— Landysh ready to experiment with something more adventurous than hookah
— Check out our Doodle Contest: ссылка

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— LINGVISTOV Team finally together! Asia, Daniil and Landysh are in Saint-Petersburg
— Landysh: a bad guide who talks too much and gets easily distracted
— LINGVISTOV future plans: Driving Durov out of his Nevskiy office and settling there!
— Landysh and a hookah: Sitting in a smoky room and doodling
— Message from Rhyne Curton in Charlotte, NC: Our American listener and dear friend!
— Tatar-Russian-English or how you can kill Landysh with your bad pronunciation
— Unrest in Turkey: Getting the news from the protesters on the street
— Americans and Thanksgiving: Turkey pies, turkey donuts, turkey hotdogs, and turkey flavoured coffee
— Oh baby soup: Eating a cucumber and drinking milk
— Supervision: The mystery of ultraviolet light and x-raying babies
— Beardology: Why women find bearded men hot
— The Adventures of a Bearded Man in a Beardless World, Part 1
— Our priority destination: McDonalds with hookahs in Egypt
— Check out our Doodle Contest: ссылка

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— Girly Podcast this week!
— Landysh marking her territory with lilies of the valley
— Lingvistov team travelling as an entity and reading Bible for an educational purpose
— An episode of LINGVISTOV Podcast without Daniil... we are lonely
— Romantic story about zombies: or where Twilight creators draw their inspiration from
— Asia in Finland: Wonderland where it’s comfortable to be anyone
— Finnish Bob Dylan fans and internal invasion of Finland by the Russians
— Charm of bearded women and how a woman can grow a beard
— Beauty that frightens and people who feel comfortable with their bodies
— Mom, am I beautiful? You have to face the truth as early as possible
— Losing weight: sports, dieting and moderation
— Addiction: the key is in realising you’re hooked
— Landysh’s special diet: eat as many apples as you like till 4 pm!
— Being vegan and doing exercises while you’re pregnant
— Doodle Contest: vote and submit your entries — ссылка

Выпуск 25 добавлен 04.06.13 17:16

— Interview with Mus from magnificent Algeria!
— Why a foreigner has a profile in vkontakte: Friends and music
— Language issues in Algeria: speaking French like the French
— A love story between France and Algeria and the Arab spring
— Algerian president: dead or alive?
— Strategy of the Algerian government: not to piss off everybody
— Marseille — the 49th arrondissement of Algeria
— African markets! Colours, spices, sand and the most beautiful sunsets!
— Rich Algerian cuisine and bread cooked in the sand
— Big Arab families and difficult life of people in Algeria
— Cheap work force: intelligent people doing manual work in developed countries
— Women in Algeria and why you mustn’t take photos of local people
— Weird Easter traditions and dangerous Algerian celebrations
— Going to France by a boat and burning visas
— Colonized brain of the Algerians: poor people of the rich country

Выпуск 25 добавлен 24.05.13 22:09

— Repeating the introduction and emotions after forgetting to switch on the recorder
— Suicide in Notre-Dame de Paris: killing oneself to send the message against same-sex marriages
— Why gay people marry? It turns out for the same reasons straight people do.
— Is suicidal behaviour a disease? And is it a weakness to commit one?
— Anti-depressants: Landysh is living up to an image of a proper artist
— Aldous Huxley’s experiments with drugs and how the world profited from it
— Blackholes can actually be wormholes: would you take a risk?
— Travelling through the Universe and how «The Sliders» is the best Tv show ever!
— Immortality: you get to be either a cyborg or a vampire, no other options available! And no zombies
— LINGVISTOV Doodle Contest: vote and submit funny captions and maybe you’ll win our T-Shirts! ссылка


Подкаст на английском языке LINGVISTOV - это еженедельные беседы Аси и Ландыш. Мы обсуждаем нелепые новости, серьезные насущные проблемы, все самое интересное, что происходит в мире и в нашей жизни, и получаем от этого огромное удовольствие. Если вам хочется послушать что-то легкое, веселое и задорное, то наш юмористический подкаст - как раз то, что вам нужно! (Pre-Intermediate и выше)

LINGVISTOV is a weekly comedy podcast in English featuring Asia and Landysh. We tackle some serious issues, discuss weird and funny news happening all over our beautiful planet, as well as speak about our own lives. If you want to listen to something funny, informative and interesting, you are in for a treat! (Pre-Intermediate and higher)

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